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"Transparency is no longer an option, it is a must"
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Future-proof your product data.

With growing concerns around food safety, ethical sourcing, data security, and environmental impact, consumers and other actors in your product´s life cycle want to know more than ever before about the products they buy or sell. 

In todays and with the future digital business environment in mind, correct and timely product data is as central to success as the product itself. Managing and sharing product information is a complex process that often go beyond the capability of traditional enterprise applications (ERP).

EightOcean offers a powerful platform for product data management - the whole process or as  a complement as you see it fit your business  needs.


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New strategic partnership

Tarento is joining our network as a strategic partner ready to explore how we can go-to-market together and create value for joint customers by raising trust and confidence with increased data quality.


Focusing on data quality

The primary focus of data quality management is to meet the data quality requirements of its data consumers (consumers as in people or machines) taking into account both current and future needs...


Selecting the right platform

To anticipate the future changes and keep up with both consumer demands and regulations require a flexible system. You should be looking for something that is built on...


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