Understanding the power of data

In the fall of 2021, hope was building up, we could see the light in the tunnel. The pandemic was about to let go of its tight grip. It was time to set the imagination free and explore the endless possibilities with proven assets but for new target groups. 

EightOcean brings together a group of executives and experts in technology, supply chain, innovation and standards who think that the foundation for efficiency comes from high quality data.

We have developed systems for and worked in many interesting industries such as Management Consulting, FMCG, Retail, Food Production, Mobile Payments, Healthcare, Banking, Market Research, Supply Chain Management, Manufacturing, Forestry and more.

And now we are on a quest to hand over the power of data to you by offering an efficient, smart and flexible platform solution.


What glues us together

Although we come from different industries, countries and backgrounds we also share a lot.


We are passionate about data quality, the foundation for efficiency.


We are solution oriented, open minded, and believe in continuous improvement. 1+1=3


We are customer focused and aim to provide an easy, flexible and fun experience. 


We take pride and commitment to deliver on our promise with honesty and integrity.