What we offer

Seven seas and EightOcean.

Endless possibilites.

We offer a platform for creating, consolidating and updating product information and images, internally and externally, in order to increase data quality, save time, and streamline/digitize flows.
Create and Manage

Save time on management of supplier data, documents and product information. Let your supplier create and manage content for their products and images.


Internal or external data no longer matters. Have all the data in the same format for easier management.


Let the consolidated data populate your other systems like logistics, invoicing, e-commerce, marketing etc.


Product Data Management

made easy.

Step by step process to lay the foundation for efficiency with product data management
What about

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is the platform a product information management (PIM) system ?

Most PIM systems on the market are built with one ingoing source and limited to feed only e-commerce. Our platform is built with the insight that you have many sources for your information (i e many suppliers) and many different output systems like logistics, invoicing, e-commerce, marketing etc. 

Can I get the platform customized?

The platform is set up for you to configure and manage on your own, easily. No need for expensive consultants or system development to have it your way.

What about capacity, how many products can the platform handle?

The state-of-the art architecture makes our platform extremely fast and it will hold millions of products.

What industries does the EightOcean platform support?

The platform is easy to configure to meet customer needs. There are use cases from FMCG but as long as you deal with products and digital assets such as documents or images, the platform can be used regardless if you are in Automotive, Electronics, Medical Technology, or Furniture, etc.

Does the EightOcean platform support integrations?

Cross-application integration is simple and suggested with EightOcean to ensure high supplier data quality. EightOcean offers a future-proof, scalable, tech/data stack with an open API architecture. Our REST API documentation is available to push & pull data from existing business ecosystems, and there is of course capability for tailored API integrations should that be needed.

How do I get started on the platform?

Forget yearlong implementation projects with extensive process analysis and staggering consultancy fees! EightOcean takes pride in making the experience easy, fast and fun. By fast meaning time to ROI (return on investment). Onboarding of the platform is based on clear process steps, help from our experts who also provides continuous support, customized training sessions,  and also by in-platform tooltips and short videos that guide the user.

What about traceability?

Once you have your suppliers and products (with unique identification) in place, the foundation for efficiency is there. It is now easy to track and trace where and whom the product is coming from, what it is made of and perhaps to whom it is sold.  Let us discuss your needs.

What is a portal?

By portal we mean that we offer a front-end solution so that you can invite your suppliers to your catalogue. The platform is set up to enhance the relationship and efficiency for your common business.

How do you secure data quality?

The platform has a powerful “AI” engine to secure data quality based on a set of rules, logical or predefined. Some data may be mandatory under certain conditions, a value may not differ from another by more than x% or 8 units in 10 boxes must equal 80 units in total.