Share your headache

Curious to find out if the EightOcean platform is suitable for your business? If you identify your business with one or several of the problems described below we can most likely help you.

Problem 1

External sources

  • Are your suppliers sharing information about their products in various types, formats and channels?

  • Is the information often inaccurate or even incomplete?

  • Is the ineffective process time consuming and costly? The higher recognition factor the more we can help.

Problem 2


  • Is it your responsibility to provide the customer (B2C or B2B) with accurate product information, sustainability, warnings, nutritional information or other attributes?

  • Find it challenging to keep up to speed with regulatory changes such as Ecodesign or Digital Product Passport?

Problem 3

Internal sources

  • Find it difficult to have the same look and feel on the internal information as on the external? Is it challenging to make good use of all the information you have.

  • Have you identified the yellow pepper? Identified or not, we can help to consolidate the information you have and raise data quality.

Problem 4


  • Does your business have bad experience from implementing  business systems that have been too expensive, too long and in the end lack the flexibility to configure it yourself?

  • And all you need is to be able to help yourself? We got your back!